Satisfaction Guarantee

Download, install and use Synthia for 60 days without cost or obligation.  Included is the full library of music to try it out. If you do not have a MIDI organ or keyboard, you can still use Synthia by playing music directly from your PC using the PC's ability to play music as if it were a MIDI compatible keyboard.  If you wished, you have the option to purchase the optional hardware for Synthia which includes the IR remote controller and a USB MIDI cable.  You'll need this cable to connect your PC to a MIDI compatible organ or keyboard.  The USB MIDI cable is also readily and inexpensively available at music stores and online.  If in the first 60 days you decide not to keep the optional hardware purchased from Suncoast Systems, you can return it for a full refund less shipping.

Supplied Hymn Music

    The hymn music supplied with Synthia was recorded by church musicians and every effort was taken to insure its quality and familiar usage in a church worship service.  Even so, it is 'strongly' recommended that you always listen to and adjust to taste any music you want to use in a service beforehand.  If not, you may be surprised and finding out during the service is just not a good idea. 

    Please keep in mind that Synthia's music was recorded for different instruments.  For example, it you play back a song recorded for a piano on an organ, you may find it to be too 'busy' with too many notes or it may have a sustained or hanging note not intended for an organ playback.  Also, you may find unexpected variances in starting choruses, verse counts and timing between verses.  These apparent anomalies are often the product of the personality and style of the keyboard artists who recorded the music.  This personal touch is most often a good thing, but again, listen to the music beforehand to be sure it is to your liking.  If you find any problems with the music, then please let us know and, if we can, we will try to remedy the situation but we cannot guarantee that we will.


Customer Service

For some, purchasing Synthia may be somewhat intimidating because of the technology it uses. For this reason, Synthia was designed to be used by nontechnical people. Also, a comprehensive step by step User's Guide is available to make learning and using Synthia a simple and straightforward task.  With the track record of two decades and  thousands of satisfied Synthia customers worldwide, you can be further assured of Synthia's remarkable performance and ease of use.  We understand however, that in spite of all of the above testimony, you may still need that personal touch and may want to be able to talk to a live person for help.  We're only a toll free phone call away and are ready and eager to help you. Your satisfaction and Synthia's contribution to your church service is our top priority.

Warranty Policy

Synthia optional hardware comes with a full one year warranty on all parts and workmanship.  If you disassemble or damage Synthia or it is damaged by lightning or water or it is damaged or lost in shipping and you did not insure its shipping, then Suncoast will not be responsible.  For all other failures, just call in and get an 'Return Authorization' and send your Synthia to us.  We'll fix it and send it back at no cost to you for parts and labor.

Also, if in the first year after purchase you have any questions or need any assistance, just call our toll free number for help at no additional cost for the first 30 minutes of support.  


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