Synthia Operation

Synthia is a Microsoft Windows (TM) application that runs on a PC that attaches, using a USB MIDI cable, to your organ or electronic piano's General MIDI port.  Synthia uses this connection to 'play' music on your church organ, piano or your PC using a companion music synthesizer also running on your PC.  Also, if you want, you can play music on your MIDI organ/piano and record it into SynthiaPC for future use.


Synthia used, in conjunction with the optional remote controller, give you complete control to play a single song or an entire worship services with just the press of a button. 


 Typically a laptop or very small and affordable 'net book' PC is used to run Synthia.  The operation of the PC to control Synthia has been designed to be very easy to use by non-computer people.  Using the PC, an entire worship services can be easily programmed into Synthia and later, during the service, playback can be controlled from the wireless remote control devices. 


The availability of a great deal of high quality church accompaniment music is what Synthia is all about.  Typically, music is supplied with Synthia by hymnal which is tailored for your denomination.  Click on the 'Music' sidebar on the Main screen to see the music offered for your denomination.


The music supplied with Synthia was played and recorded by Christian organists or pianists to sound just like music you would hear in a church service where a live person were playing the music.  There are no extra bells and whistles, just beautiful music to sing with.  Synthia's music was specifically produced to be played at church services for congregational singing.   Simple!


Synthia has unlimited storage capability limited only to the amount of storage available on your PC.


    Features & Specifications

  • Music Storage  -    There is not practicable limit for Synthia music storage on your PC

  • Wireless Remote Control Option  -  Control the playing of music during a service using a wireless Infra-Red (IR) remote controller

  • Tailored Music Selection  -  Synthia's philosophy is to provide you with the music you need and want for your congregation and services.

  • Confidence & Trust  -  As the innovator with over 20 years of experience in producing church hymn players to thousands of churches worldwide, you can be assured of Synthia's quality, dependability and longevity.

  • Easy To Use  -  Synthia was designed and intended to be used by the 'average' church music minister without a high degree of technical expertise.  Yes there is a learning curve to use Synthia but it is something anyone can do in a short amount of time.