"Always There to Beautifully Play Your Favorite Hymns and Church Music"

Synthia is the versatile "music assistant" designed to provide dependable, quality music when you have no one to play at your church services.

Easy To Use and Play Church Music

Synthia was designed from the very beginning to be easy to use by music ministers to play beautiful church music.  You select the songs to play, the number of verses, the tempo and the key.  It can be one song or an entire service.  You control when playing starts and Synthia automatically adds an introduction and an ending just like a live keyboard artist would do. "Beautiful!"

Basic Operation

Synthia does not produce any sound in itself, but rather plays music on your MIDI compatible organ, piano or on your PC.  Synthia was designed to provide accompaniment music for worship services just as if a keyboard artist were there to play your music.

  Synthia runs on a PC, typically a compact 'Netbook' or laptop PC. and  attaches to your electronic organ or keyboard using a USB Midi connection.  If you don't have a MIDI organ or keyboard, no problem, because Synthia can  play music directly on your PC using a PC compatible MIDI synthesizer program.  Just connect your PC headphone output to your church amplifier. 

Advanced Features

For those users who are 'computer savvy', Synthia has a wide variety of PC integration features including fast and easy worship service program creation, music database maintenance for newly recorded songs, song lists and service list printouts, MIDI song input and even wireless remote operation of Synthia. 

  • Choose Music By Denomination or Hymn Book  -  Synthia's music is supplied by hymn book or denomination for the most comprehensive and complete selection of music to meet your needs.

  • Record Your Own Music  -  With Synthia you can record, save and catalog your music for future use.

  • Control Song Play  -  When setting up or playing music, you have full control to change the number of verses to play, the tempo, the playback key and audio level.

  • Remote Control Option  -  Control song play at services using an optional TV style (IR) remote control.  Long distance without direct line of sight is also not a problem by using a low cost IR repeater available at most popular electronics stores.

  • Import MIDI Music  -  Using the PC, you can download MIDI  music files.

  • Multiple Instruments  -  With MIDI organs and pianos, you typically have a number of other instruments you can choose from including multiple organs, pianos, flutes, strings, etc.  If you don't have a MIDI organ or piano, you can use your Netbook or other PC as a MIDI compatible synthesizer to play high quality Music out of its high quality sound port.   

  • Satisfaction Guarantee  -  Download Synthia for a full 60 day free trial period.  If it doesn't meet your needs or fulfill your expectations, it will cost you nothing.

  • Customer Support  -  Need help?  Competent and friendly help is just a phone call away.  Our goal is your satisfaction.